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Typewriters Renovation

We can carry out typewriter renovation. Anything from cleaning to oiling!

We use special mineral based liquid to deal with sticky keys. It usually cuts through the dirt, dried oil and grease with no effect on the metal type bars.

For cleaning the typewriter “slugs”, we carefully use sharp wooden picks. So that the text is imprinted clean and clear to read. The picture shows unclean and serviced typewriter slugs.


For older machines (50+ years of age) we use delicate typewriter oil. We do not recommend conventional oils such as WD-40 as they are intended for larger machines and often can be counter effective as it attracts dust and dirt. This further clogs up the typing mechanism and makes the keys stickier. We should state that typewriters are intended to work with minimal to none lubrication.


Below is a photo comparison of before and after renovation. Before, the keys were sticky and there was significant dust and dirt. We thoroughly cleaned the basket so that none of the keybars stick. We also renovated the “type slugs” so that the text is clear when typed.


Please note that we do not claim to be professional typewriter engineers and due to the antique nature of typewriters, not all faults in the typing machines can be repaired and renovated.

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