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I thought I’d go into further detail regarding the change of courier.

Almost since the inception of the business, I have used Hermes courier service. They were one of the cheapest providers, normally deliveries took 3 days and the service had built in tracking information and insurance. So on the surface, Hermes was a good deal and they did deliver on their promises for a couple of months.

However, throughout 2015, I have faced low standards, appalling delivery times and unprofessionalism from the Hermes couriers themselves.

Since October 2015, I completely switched all of my deliveries to a different courier service and not Hermes. Sure, I am paying a significant premium, however, if it means that a) the parcels are delivered undamaged and b) they are delivered faster, then why not? Customer satisfaction is the most important factor for me and London Typewriters. Without it, we are not a business.

In general, as an entrepreneur, I seek continuity and work with other businesses, individuals and partners to forge a long term, mutually beneficial relationships. Alas for Hermes courier service, that business relationship has been terminated. And I think soon, many other Hermes customers will turn away from them.

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