1960’s Working Hermes 2000 Manual Portable – New Ribbon, Case – Made in Switzerland – AZERTY Keyboard


Working Hermes 2000 vintage, manual portable typewriter in London, UK. It was produced in the early 1960’s. Regardless of such old age, the machine works very well!Β  The comfortable keys are responsive and it provides customisable functions for comfortable typing. The backspace, carriage return lever, the shift keys, margin setters, ribbon selector (for the colour change), the carriage release lever, the paper guide and the paper release lever all work as intended. This black typewriter is fitted with a new ribbon so you can type as soon as you get it and without any hassle. Also comes with the original case which has a comfortable handle.

Please note that this Hermes 2000 has a French keyboard and has an AZERTY layout instead of the standard English QWERTY.

The overall condition is excellent! All of the letter keys work without sticking and the machine functions as expected. Please note that the “Fr” and “%” keys would have to be typed without the top panel on. Also the tab key doesn’t seem to function well. Other signs of use and age are present.

This intriguing word processor would be ideal for writers and authors, especially in the creative field. It will also be a unique gift. Due to the style and the aesthetics of the Hermes typewriter, it can be used for display purposes like home decor and events such as exhibitions and weddings. It appeals to all generations.

The vintage Hermes 2000 typewriter is located in London, UK.

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