Spools & Ribbon For Remington Portable Typewriter (Remington Noiseless, Remington Letter-Riter, Remington Travel-Riter etc)


London Typewriters is pleased to present a pair of custom made ribbon spools with a new black ink ribbon already installed.

Typewriters like Remington and others, use specific dimension spools that are not manufactured anymore, meaning that if your Remington does not have the original spools, then it is not possible to type without these spools.

These spools should fit Remington Noiseless, Remington Letter-Riter, Remington Quiet-Riter, Remington Travel-Riter, Remington Envoy III, Sperry Rand Concord, Remington Ten Forty, Remington 11, Remington Premier (newer models with plastic body), Remington Monarch (newer models) and others. If your Remington typewriter has a large metal circle under the ribbon covers, then these spools will most likely to be compatible.

These spools will not fit machines like Remington Home Portable, Compact Portable, older models with folding keyboard, Remington Deluxe Junior, Remington Remette or Cadet, Remington Rand Model 5 and some newer models that are actually Brother or Silver Reed typing machines.

We have successfully managed to reproduce these spools and they closely replicate the dimensions of the original spools.

Our unique reproduced spools come with the standard 14mm wide ribbon installed, so no rewinding is required.

Please note that these are newly developed and there will be some minor imperfections. However, these spools will fulfil their functional role and as they fit under the ribbon cover, they are not visible during typing so, do not affect the aesthetics of the typewriter.

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that these spools will work with your typewriter, so please check the dimensions carefully and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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