Fully Serviced 1965 Hermes Media 3 Typewriter – New Platen & Ribbon, Case – Cubic Typeface – For Typing in English and Swedish – Made in Switzerland


Jack Kerouac, the famous American novelist and a pioneer of the Beat Generation was a masterful speed typist. His writing journey started with his dad’s heavy antique L.C. Smith typewriter. He later acknowledged that ‘…4 a.m. I staggered across the field with my big old typewriter that my father used in Lowell Mass. before I was even born … the typewriter with which I not only wrote The Town and the City but my earliest loomings in 1937. If all my life, in spite of anything that happens, is connected by that typewriter to the one unswerving idealistic purpose which was revealed to me in youthful dreams of pure glory, then I don’t care if it weighs a ton as I carry it across the night.’

The last of Jack Kerouac’s typewriters from 1966 until 1969, before his death was a Hermes 3000 portable typewriter, which became a popular writing companion for writers and journalists of that period and beyond. The Vanity of Duluoz by Kerouac was typed on a Hermes 3000 and published in 1968.

Here, at London Typewriters, we now have a Hermes Media 3 typewriter, which is the same design as the Hermes 3000.

The Hermes Media 3 offered for sale is in perfect working order as it went through a full refurbishment at London Typewriters. The platen (rubber cylinder) was replaced and now the operation of the machine is quiet and soft.

We decided to leave the signs of previous use – please check photos.

The Hermes Media is designed to type in English and Swedish with a Cubic typeface.

As Jack Kerouac said ‘Write in recollection and amazement for yourself’

Enjoy typing on the Hermes Media typewriter.

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