Knurled Ribbon Spool Thumb Nuts (for 1004FN Ribbon) – For Olivetti Lettera, Dora, Valentine & Others


A set of two replacement ribbon spool nuts to fit vintage Olivetti and some Underwood manual typewriters. These nuts hold down the ribbon spool so when you type, one of the spools rotates, bringing a new section of ribbon to be typed on. Without these knurled Olivetti nuts, the typewriter will type on the same ribbon space and hence not function as it should. They fit on top of most 1004FN ribbons, which are primarily used by Olivetti typewriters.

The ribbon spool thumb nuts should fit most Olivetti typewriters including Olivetti Lettera models, Dora, Valentine and some Underwood models.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that they will fit all of the above typewriters as the settings and fixtures might differ.

Also note that these nuts will not work on Olivetti Studio 42 models.

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