Magnificent Corona 4 Bank Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Very Good Condition – Made in USA


Looking for a perfect Christmas or birthday present? Wish to surprise your loved one with a quirky gift? Planning to start a classic piece of writing on a classic word machine from the industrial, mechanical age?

Then this 1930s Corona 4 Bank portable typewriter is the ideal companion – a must buy.

This USA made typewriter, built during the Great American Depression, is well-looked after as the decals, paint and chroming are still intact.

The keys are easy to type with and the sound from the striking keys is soft when typing. There is a pleasant sound of the bell at the end of each line.

The typewriter has two options for ribbon colour, usually black and red. Line spacing is single or one and a half line space. The original spools are protected from accumulating dust by spools covers. The spool covers allow the typist to monitor the ribbon movement process indicating when the ribbon reverse mechanism should be engaged, to allow the ribbon to move back to the empty spool.

The majority of typewriters have a rubber platen (roller). This Corona 4 Bank has a cork platen which makes the typing process feel softer when the keys strike the ribbon and the platen.

The harmonious combination of the green textured front panel, black body, gold decals and the pale yellow cork, make the typewriter an eye-catching item from the 1930s.

A new black ribbon is installed and the typewriter is ready for use. It comes with the case which has a comfortable handle.

The overall condition is very good. Minor signs of age and use are present.

Enjoy the Corona 4 Bank typewriter!

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