Original Metal Spools With A 1004FN Typewriter Ribbon – Black/Black – For Olivetti Lettera, Studio, Dora and Valentine


At London Typewriters we hold stock and would like to offer for sale original metal spools, with a new black ink ribbon, for your typewriter.

These spools are no longer in production and they are valuable items. So, if you wish to give your typewriter a truly complete authentic vintage look then the original metal spools are a ‘must have’ item.

You can watch our video guide on how to change the 1004FN ribbon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Blb8soDh6jU&ab_channel=LondonTypewriters

It is not compulsory to buy these spools as the plastic spools with a new ribbon for £5 is sufficient enough.

The 1004FN (GR 4) fabric ribbon is 12.7mm x 10m and compatible with most but not all Olivetti models, some Underwood and few Adler typewriters. For full list of compatible typewriters please see below.

Olivetti Dora, Lettera 21, Lettera 22, Lettera 24, Lettera 25, Lettera 31, Lettera 32, Lettera 35, Lettera 35i, Lettera 35l, Lettera 36, Lettera 37, Gr.4, L20, Studio 42, Studio 44, Studio 45, Studio 46, Lexicon 80, Underwood 315, Standard, A730, A770, Audit 502, Audit 513, Linea 88, Linea 98, Logos 250, P602, P603, P652, Praxis 48, Tropical Portable, Valentine, Erika 105, Triumph Adler Contessa 2 Deluxe, Triumph Adler Contessa 3, Triumph Adler Universal 300, Triumph Adler Universal 390, Olympia C, Underwood 250, Underwood 310, Underwood 319

However, I cannot 100% guarantee that the spools will fit as some typewriters have slight variations in the fitting. If the spools do not fit your typewriter, I would recommend “re-spooling” the new ink ribbon onto the old spools, it is a straightforward process and doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

Disclaimer: please note that because these are the original metal spools, there might be some signs of use and age. You will receive the exact 1004FN configuration pair of spools, however the aesthetic design might vary slightly to the one featured in the photo.

In stock

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