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Original Metal Spools With A 1006/1009/1066FN Typewriter Ribbon – Black/Black – For Underwood 3 Bank, Underwood 4 Bank, Silver Reed, Brother DeLuxe 220, Hermes, Beaucourt Script


At London Typewriters we hold stock and would like to offer for sale original metal spools, with a new black ink ribbon, for your typewriter.

These spools are no longer in production and they are valuable items. So, if you wish to give your typewriter a truly complete authentic vintage look then the original metal spools are a ‘must have’ item.

It is not compulsory to buy these spools as the plastic spools with a new ribbon for £5 is sufficient enough.

The 1006/1009/1066FN  fabric ribbon is 12.7mm x 10m and compatible with Underwood 3 Bank, Underwood 4 Bank, Silver Reed, Brother DeLuxe 220, Hermes, Empire Aristocrat typewriters, Beaucourt Script.

Please contact us, if you need spools for your Continental Europe Silver-Reed or Brother typewriter, as the typewriter might need spools of a different  size and fit, which we stock.

However, I cannot 100% guarantee that the spools will fit as some typewriters have slight variations in the fitting. If the spools do not fit your typewriter, I would recommend “re-spooling” the new ink ribbon onto the old spools, it is a straightforward process and doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

Disclaimer: please note that because these are the original metal spools, there might be some signs of use and age. You will receive the exact 1006/1009/10066FN configuration pair of spools, however the aesthetic design might vary slightly to the one featured in the photo.

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