Rare 1920’s Working Senta Manual 3 Bank Typewriter – New Ribbon, Wooden Case, Key


Working Senta antique, manual portable typewriter in London, UK. After some research on the serial code, I concluded that it was produced in the 1920’s. Regardless of such old age, the machine works very well!Β We have extensively tested this machine and all of the basic functionalities work as expected. A new ribbon has been installed that should last for 9-12 months. The Senta typewriter also comes with a wooden case and a key that locks it.

The overall condition is excellent. The keys type well. There are signs of use and age present – to be expected for a 100 year old machine! The carriage return does not work at times.

You can remove it from the base and use it for display purposes. As this is a working machine, you can also use it for typing notes, poems, letters and so on.

The antique Senta typewriter is based in London, UK.

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