Rare 1930s Pioneer Typewriter – New Ribbon, No Case, Dust Cover – Folding Keys – Original Red/Blue – Made in USA


Working vintage Pioneer (Remington) manual typewriter in London (U.K.)

The typewriter was manufactured in the 1930s, during the Great American Depression, in USA. Taking into account such a milestone, this typewriter has preserved all its functions. The solid metal rim keys are strong and comfortable and it provides a sense of stability and sturdiness to the typist. However, as the typewriter was made during the worst economic downturn, this particular model lacks the back space key, the margins, the bell, ribbon colour switch, paper support, the caps and shift locks.

What is particular about this model is that it designed to type only in upper case. It is also quite rare to see a 1930s typewriter in two colours. A folding type-bar is another intriguing feature of this model.

London Typewriters decided to display this typewriter in its original colours even though the paint has worn mainly at the back of the blue frame. So, the Pioneer typewriter is authentic and unique.

This USA made typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon and it is ready for action.

This ninety years old typewriter is in good working order. Minor signs of age and use are present. Please note that there is no top part to the case for this typewriter. However, a dust cover is provided.

This typewriter would be a starting point for the beginner typists. Due to its sleek and glossy looks, it would make a niceΒ  centre-piece at a wedding, exhibition, in an office or home. It would also be an ideal present.

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