Rare 1937 Hermes 2000 typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – For typing in Swiss official languages – Made in Switzerland


London Typewriters are delighted to offer for sale another unique find in the typewriter world – the Hermes 2000 typewriter. This charming typewriter was made in 1937, in Switzerland.

The Swiss company of Paillard was established at the end of the 19th century to manufacture phonographs, musical boxes and other sound-producing equipment. In 1913 the company took an interest in typewriter manufacturing and twenty years later Switzerland became the third largest typewriter manufacturing country in the world, after the United States and Germany.

Manufacturing of the Hermes 2000 started in the early 1930s and rapidly it became a favourite typewriter around the world.

So, what makes this typewriter so exceptional?

Firstly, the keys are round in shape with a concave top for better positioning of the fingertips.

Secondly, the keys are light to type with, which is an important criteria when choosing a typewriter for regular use.

The chroming features are retained, untouched with time and use, certifying the Swiss quality of typewriter manufacturing.

The typist will be able to choose between three line spacing settings and type with either black or red ink at the same time. The margins can be set and released with two options. Also, the option to type in table format is available on this model. Paper support is in-built to enable the typist to see the whole page of the typed text. Finally, nothing can replace the sweet ‘Ding’ sound from the bell, at the end of each line.

The Hermes 2000 comes with a new black ink ribbon and two original metal spools. The typewriter comes with its original case which has a sturdy handle.

This Hermes 2000 is designed to type in Swiss languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. However, it can successfully be used for typing in other languages – please see the photo to confirm the layout of the keys.

For this 85 years old typewriter the overall condition is very good. Minor signs of age and use are present – please refer to photos.

The Hermes 2000 would be suitable for a typist of any profession and typing skill. It would be a valuable addition to any enthusiast’s typewriter collection. It would also be a talking point at any thematic event or on a business desk.


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