Rare 1959 Optima P1 Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made in Germany


London Typewriters are delighted to present for sale an Optima P1 portable typewriter from the 1959, made in Germany. This model is very scarce.

This sleek green matt finish typewriter was manufactured in Erfurt, East Germany but has a ‘Made in Germany’ decal. It was most likely a special order, specifically for the UK market, as it has the pound sterling currency symbol. This particular model was manufactured for a relatively short period of 3 years from 1957 to 1959.

The Optima P1 is similar to the Olympia Plana. Olympia and Optima came from the same company which split after WW2. But the East German manufacturer agreed to a name change from Olympia to Optima while the West German factory continued to trade as Olympia when its manufacturing base moved to Hamburg.

Both the Plana and P1 have a similar low profile keyboard so the rows of keys have less of an incline and therefore easier to type on. In addition, the Optima P1 has the two peaked paper support on the top of the platen, which is a relatively rare feature. The typewriter is designed to type with a ribbon of one colour at a time.

The Optima P1 offered for sale is in good working order. There are some signs of age and wear present as it was decided to preserve the typewriter in its original condition. Please refer to photos.

The typewriter can be used straight away as it comes with a new black ribbon. The stylish green case is provided which has a comfortable handle.

The Optima P1 would be a desired addition to any typewriter connoisseurs’ collection. Typists at any level of typing skill would enjoy typing on the Optima P1 typewriter.

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