Rare 1985 Hermes Baby Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made in Brazil


Rare 1985 Hermes Baby Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made in Brazil

London Typewriters, are always excited when a unique, never seen before, typewriter comes into our possession and we have the opportunity to work on it and enjoy its design and mechanics.

So, we are delighted to share with fellow typewiter enthusiasts. a portable Hermes Baby typewriter.

The Hermes typewriter brand originated in Switzerland. However, in the early 1980s some of the manufacturing moved to Brazil and later it was incorporated with the Olivetti typewiter production process; Olivetti also moved most of its production from Italy to the South American continent.

Olivetti is a world famous Italian typewriter brand, distinguished by stylish and sleek design and light, smooth key action when typing.

So what is it that makes The Hermes Baby typewriter interesting?

It contains a blend of features from the original Swiss made Hermes Baby and the Olivetti Tropical typewiters.

The spool cover is in one piece compared to the flapping wings from the early Hermes Baby typewiters; the key buttons are from the Olivetti Tropical.

One feature which has never been seen before, is the ribbon colour switch which comes with three numbers: 0 (for stencils), 1 (to use black ink on the ribbon), 2 (to use red ink on the ribbon) rather than the usual red, white and blue dots.

The typewiter is made from hard plastic and contains plastic mechanisms.

The Hermes Baby has a light and smooth key action and is in good working order.

It comes with a new black ribbon installed and the top case.

Overall condition is very good. Insignificant minor signs of age and use are present.

The Hermes Baby typewriter is suitable for travelling, if you are planning a writing retreat. It would suit typists with various typing experience and technique. It would also be a memorable gift for any occasion.

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