Rare and Unique Late 1930s Mercedes Superba Typewriter For Typing In English, German And French – Schreibmaschine, Machine à écrire – New Ribbon, Case – Made In Germany


London Typewriters offer for sale a rare Mercedes Superba typewriter which truly shows the precision of German engineering.

The typewriter was named Mercedes (which means ‘grace’ in Spanish) after the daughter of Emil Jellinek, one of the auto entrepreneurs of the Daimler-Benz. He became interested in typewriters and commissioned one of the famous French inventors to design a cipher typing typewriter in 1911.

The Mercedes Superba typewriter functions well. The backspace key, carriage return lever, bell, shift keys, carriage lock, margin setters, ribbon colour switch, carriage release lever, paper guide and the paper release lever, all work as intended. The smooth keys are light when typing and it makes the whole process enjoyable and effortless. The chrome rimmed keys are secured with glass to preserve the letters from wearing off. All of the letter keys work without sticking. The overall condition is very good.

We have fitted a new black ribbon so you can start typing as soon as you receive it. The typewriter comes with its original case which has a hand-made handle.

One of the biggest advantages of this particular Mercedes Superba is that it is designed for a polylingual to type in three languages at a time. The typewriter is supplied with the QWERTY key layout which is a standard key layout for typing in English. In advance, a typist is able to type in German and French as the typewriter is equipped with the vowel mark of umlaut (¨), the ^ accent circumflex and the ¨accent tréma.

The Mercedes Superba would be a unique addition to a typewriter connoisseur. It would also be a trustworthy companion to a professional who can easily switch typing from one language to the other two. The typewriter would be a memorable gift for any occasion and appeals to all generations.

The Mercedes Superba vintage typewriter is located in London (U.K.)

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