Rare Late 1930s Triumph Typewriter In Working Condition – New Ribbon, Case


Rare vintage late 1930s Triumph manual typewriter is one more brand of typewriter, built with precision and endurance from the German machine industry. In the late 1920s German bicycle, motorcycle and typewriter manufacturer, Triumph Werke Nurnberg A.G. received a contract to provide the German postal service with typewriters. This led to the mass production of this model. Later, the biggest export market for this robust typewriter was to Russia, Italy and Argentina.

Taking into account such a milestone, the typewriter offered for sale has preserved all its functions and, also cosmetically looks really neat. The solid metal rim keys with glass (to prevent the letter symbol from wearing off), are smooth and comfortable and provide a sense of stability and sturdiness to the typist. This German made typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon and it is ready for action. Also comes with the original case which has a comfortable handle.

The Triumph is equipped with an English and Czech language key layout. The functional keys such as the Caps Lock and Shift Lock are labeled with Czech titles. The typewriter was originally designed to type in the Czech language, as it contains additional symbols from this European language. However, we would like to reassure our customers that this rare typewriter can be successfully used by typists in English as there is no difference in key layouts in both languages.

This eighty year old typewriter is in good working order. Minor signs of age and use are present.

Ian Flemming used the Triumph (a later modified model) typewriter to create his famous novels.

The Triumph typewriter would be an inspiring model to authors and writers. Due to its sleek and glossy look, it would be a centerpiece at a wedding, exhibition, office or home. It would also be an ideal present.

The Triumph typewriter is located in London (U.K.).

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