Rare Mid-1950s Groma Model N Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – For Typing in German – Very Good Condition – Made in Germany


London Typewriters are delighted to offer for sale another German made typewriter. The Groma Model N, manufactured in the mid-1950s, is not very often seen on the British typewriter market.

This particular Groma Model N is in excellent condition. It is very satisfying to type on, as the keys are extremely light, not requiring much effort from the typist – therefore, the typing process is almost effortless.

All of the mechanisms work as intended and there is a sweet sound of the bell at the end of each line.

A new black ribbon has been installed and the typewriter is ready for action. The typewriter can be removed from its base which has two release locks. The case has a sturdyΒ handle.

The schreibmaschine is designed to type in German, but can successfully be used for typing in English. The German layout is QWERTZ as opposed to English QWERTY keyboard so, the letter Z and Y are swapped in their locations.

Overall condition is very good and the Groma Model N also operates very well. Very minor signs of age and use are present.

If you are looking for a typewriter for long projects, this Groma Model N would be a reliable companion. It would suit typists of any generations and typing skills.

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