Rare 1915 Corona 3 Folding Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case, Manual – Made In USA


London Typewriters are delighted to present a magnificent Corona 3 folding typewriter, which was manufactured in 1915, in Groton, N.Y, USA.

The Corona 3 typewriter was the most fashionable and desirable piece of technology in the middle of the 1910s. As the typewriter became one of the biggest commercial successes in the typewriter manufacturing industry, it was given the name of Corona (Crown) for easier recognition by overseas buyers.

As mentioned above, this particular model was manufactured in in 1915 and has the serial code 59970. There are some of features of this Corona typewriter that confirm it is from 1915 and hence, more rare than the ones produced in the 1920’s. First, the ribbon colour switch has three dots – white, red and blue, whereas newer models only have red and blue. Second, the bar that advances the carriage has only one tab and the newer models have a tab and a hook. Lastly, this Corona 3 typewriter has a clear segment (you can see through the gap above the typebars) and other later Corona machines had a filled segment. You can compare this Corona model with others and verify our claims via the link below.


The Corona 3 typewriter offered for sale is in superb working condition and types very well. The bell gives a strong sound at the end of each line. The black ribbon is installed and the Corona 3 is ready for action, straight out of the box.

Overall condition is very good. Minor signs of age and use are present. Please note that the platen has been resurfaced and replaced with an alternative material.

The Corona 3 typewriter would be a nice present for any occasion. It would be a valuable addition to the collection of a typewriter connoisseur, as the typewriter is at the forefront of the historical breakthrough of portable typewriters comparable to the invention of laptops in our modern age.

The famous American novelists Ernest Hemingway and Jack London created their world acclaimed novels by typing on a Corona 3 folding typewriter. Just imagine if this typewriter could talk, what tales it would tell us about its users – what fascinating stories about all the thoughts that were put into words and communicated to others; business letters, letters to loved ones, messages to friends or even a paperback novel!

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