Stunning 1974 Erika Daro Model 60 Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made in GDR


This Erika Daro Model 60 is another new find by London Typewriters in the fascinating world of typewriters.

An Erika typewriter is a product of robust German engineering with an extremely light key action and responsive keys, allowing the typing process to flow with minimal effort, barely touching the keys – this model is no exception.

The Erika Daro Model 60 is designed to type in tables. The touch control is at the back of the machine which is a rare location for the mechanism. This allows the operator to find their perfect personal touch response from the keys.

Lastly, its sleek design with the distinguished sides and a combination of blue and white colours of the frame adds visual satisfaction enhancing the creative process.

It comes with a new black ribbon, ready to use straight out of the box. A case is provided. The machine is fixed to its own mat to make the typing process smoother but it can be removed from the mat.

The overall condition is excellent. The typewriter operates as intended. Very minor signs of age and use are present.

This stunning Erika Daro Model 60 would bring joy and fun to typists of any generation or any level of typing ability. It would give all users great pleasure and satisfaction over many years.

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