The Perfect Typewriter for your Office – 1960 Olympia SG1


London Typewriters are excited to present for sale the Olympia SG1 typewriter advertised by the manufacturer as ‘The Perfect Office Typewriter’.

The robust Olympia SG1, built in 1960 by the well-established German typewriter manufacturer, evolved as an exceptional model which was specifically designed for use in office environments.

This model has an array of mechanical advantages compared to the simple portable Olympias designed for home use.

The ribbon selector has four options: typing with a dual black/red ribbon, a ribbon of one colour and, a fourth option for stencils. When using a single colour ribbon, for optimal use, by moving the ribbon selector, the ink can be used from the top, middle or bottom of the ribbon.

The office typewriter has a wide platen feed (roller) which allows you to make several carbon copies at a time, type on envelopes, index cards and card-thick paper.

A last line indicator can be pre-set to prevent typing off the bottom of the sheet.

There are five line spacing options (other typewriters usually have two or three); also, there is a margin-setter option and, a margin-release button if the typist wish to continue to type beyond the margin.

The Olympia SG1 is designed for typists with various typing strengths; there is a wheel which can be turned to allow the typist to adjust the keys from a light to a heavy touch, and there are eight levels to the touch adjuster.

This model is exceptional for spaced letter-typing; the typist can choose from a single or double-spacing option between letters, which is a rare feature for any typewriter.

Also, there is a function for drawing vertical or horizontal lines and typing on ruled paper.

The ‘bar tabular’ is very useful if the task is to type in columns of figures, and for the indentation of paragraphs.

The overall condition of the Olympia SG1 is very good, taking into account that it is more than sixty years old. The paint on the back panel has been reinforced, but all original features and chroming remain the same – please refer to photos. Please note that the paper support is missing.

There is a black ribbon installed and the ‘perfect office typewriter’ is ready for action. A new, spare complementary black/red ribbon will be supplied.

Please note that this particular Olympia is an office typewriter and therefore it is heavier and larger in size compared to portable typewriters.

For writers, bookkeepers, engineers and typewriter enthusiasts, the Olympia SG1 is a must have machine for your everyday use.

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