Two of 1001FN Typewriter Ribbons – Black/Black – For Olympia, Erika, Adler, Optima, BlueBird, Diplomat Super, Imperial Messenger, Continental


Two of black/black typewriter ribbons – new and sealed. The 1001FN (also known as DIN 2103) fabric ribbon is 12.7mm x 10m and compatible with most but not all Olympia, Erika, Adler, Optima, BlueBird, Diplomat Super, Imperial Messenger, Continental typewriters. For full list of compatible typewriters please see below.

Bluebird Portable Typewriter Boots 30 Boots 32 Boots 40 Boots 42 Brother Ptouch XL1010 Daro Erika 10 Daro Erika 115 Daro Erika 12 Daro Erika 202 Daro Erika 31 Daro Erika 32 Daro Erika 33 Daro Erika 41 Daro Erika 42 Daro Erika 5 Daro Erika 6 Daro Erika 60 Daro Erika Portable Daro Portable Facit 1610 Facit 1620 Facit 1630 Facit 1730 Facit 1740 Facit 1742 Facit 1820 Facit 1840 Facit 6202 Facit 6710 Facit 733 Facit Electric Imperial 17 Imperial 560 Imperial 66 Imperial 690 Imperial 80 Imperial 90 Imperial Good Companion Typewriter Imperial Ribbon Good Companion 5 Imperial Ribbon Good Companion 7 Olympia 6202 Olympia 6710 Olympia 6760 Olympia Carina Portable Olympia DeLuxe Olympia Electric 35 Olympia Electric 45 Olympia Monica Olympia Monica MD Olympia Portable Olympia SG1 Olympia SG3 Olympia SGE35 Olympia SGE40 Olympia SGE45 Olympia Simplex Portable Olympia SM2 Olympia SM24 Olympia SM33 Olympia SM4 Olympia SM7 Olympia SM8 Olympia SM9 Olympia SM9-33 Olympia Splendid 33 Olympia Splendid 66 Olympia Splendid 99 Olympia Traveller Olympia Traveller C Olympia Traveller Deluxe Olympia Traveller Deluxe S Silver Reed 280 Silver Reed 280 Deluxe Silver Reed 510DX Silver Reed Consul Silver Reed Consul 2223 Triumph Adler Contessa Deluxe Triumph Adler Electric Triumph Adler Gabriele 10 Triumph Adler Gabriele 20 Triumph Adler Gabriele 2000 Triumph Adler Gabriele 25 Triumph Adler Gabriele 35 Triumph Adler Junior 1 Triumph Adler Junior 2 Triumph Adler Junior 20 Triumph Adler Junior 3 Triumph Adler Junior 30 Triumph Adler Rover Deluxe EP101 Triumph Adler Tippa Triumph Adler Tippa 1 Triumph Adler Tippa Elite Triumph Adler Tippa S Triumph Adler Universal 20 Triumph Adler Universal 200 Triumph Adler Universal 200 Triumph Adler Universal 40 Diplomat Super

You can watch our video guide on how to change the 1001FN ribbon here:

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