Unique 1938 Halda-Norden Typewriter -Machine À Écrire – New Ribbon, Original Spools – AZERTY (French Language Keys) – Made By Swedish And Danish Manufacturers


London Typewriters are delighted to present for sale quite a rare find of the Halda-Norden typewriter. The typewriter was manufactured in 1938, five years after two Scandinavian typewriter manufacturers Halda (Sweden) and Norden (Denmark) merged together.

The Halda-Norden is a standard (desk) typewriter and resembles mechanical and design features of Underwood (USA), Royal (USA) and other typewriters.

This Scandinavian typewriter retains all its functions and works very well, despite its age. All the mechanisms work in harmony providing a strong and clear ‘Ding’ sound at the end of each line. The metal rim keys are protected with glass to prevent from wearing off and allowing generations of typists to enjoy the typewriter for a long time to come. The spool ‘cradle’ is protected with a glass cup to prevent the ribbon from drying out so it stays fresh for longer. The typewriter is equipped with a tabulator mechanism to type in columns. The typist is able to regulate the ribbon reverse by pushing a pin on one of the two sides. There are three positions on the ribbon colour switch, allowing the user to choose to type in stencil mode or to switch ink colour when using two colour ribbon, usually black and red.

A new black ribbon is installed and the Halda-Norden is ready for action.

The chroming of the levers and other mechanisms is slightly worn due to previous use and age, but overall it is in good cosmetic condition including the gloss exterior of the typewriter itself.

This Swedish and Danish typewriter (machine à écrire) was made for typing in French (AZERTY keyboard layout). However, it can comfortably be used by typists to type in other languages. The solid keys are crisp and comfortable and the whole process of typing is inviting and enjoyable.

The 1938 Halda-Norden would be a tremendous and reliable companion for typists of any professions. This sturdy machine would also be appropriate for typing long projects. This could be an unforgettable gift for any occasion or an eye-catching masterpiece in any office.

Just imagine that someone as world famous as Ernest Hemingway, used a Halda portable typewriter to write ‘The Dangerous Summer’, at the end of the 1950s.

The Halda-Norden typewriter is located in London (U.K.).

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