Unique And Exquisite 1917 Bijou Folding Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made By Seidel and Naumann, in Germany


Bijou (bijoux) means jewellery in French, so this typewriter is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship.

London Typewriters offer for sale an elegant 1917 Bijou folding typewriter. It was made by the famous German sewing machine, bicycle and typewriter manufacturer Seidel and Naumann, in Dresden. This model was manufactured and well-known in Germany as an ‘Erika’ typewriter, which was named after the founder’s only granddaughter. The Seidel and Naumann company was exporting this model to England and France and it was known there as ‘Bijou’ and ‘Gloria’.

The Bijou typewriter has preserved all its functions including the gold decals ‘SN’ and ‘Bijou’, which is a testament to its build quality, taking into account it is a hundred years old. All the mechanisms work as expected and the keys type well, so making the typing process smooth, light and enjoyable. A new black ink ribbon is installed and the typewriter is ready for action, straight out of the case. The dapper brown case with the brass locks is compact and has a comfortable handle to carry the typewriter.

It is worth noting that this model is light in weight and small in size. Its design is well-thought through as the Bijou folds easily, for more convenient transportation.

The overall condition is good. The typewriter types well. Minor signs of age and use are present which is quite natural for a such old machine.

The Bijou would be an ideal gift for any occasion. It would also be an eye-catching art piece on any typist’s desk or a valuable addition to the typewriter’s enthusiast.

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