Working 1918 Corona 3 Folding Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made in USA


The folding Corona typewriter was the first portable manual typewriter. Due to this pioneering, innovative design, the popularity of Corona typewriters soared in the 1910s leading to the Corona Typewriter Company in the USA developing new and improved machines to meet a growing demand. Consequently, businesses moved away from all forms of written communication such as handwritten documents and letters, to a more convenient method of speedy, legible communication.

This Corona 3 Typewriter offered for sale was manufactured in 1918, in Groton, NY, USA.

The typewriter truly reflects its age. London Typewriters decided to leave the typewriter as original, with patina so the typists could go back in time and feel the typewriter as it was when originally put to use.

The Corona works as intended and the keys type well. The impression of typing on paper looks rustic and the typewriter only requires a light key touch. A couple of symbols at the end of each line are met with a strong ‘Ding’ sound.

This folding Corona 3 is actually smaller in size and light in weight than it looks and was primarily used by travelling professionals such as journalists and authors.

The overall condition of the typewriter is good. Minor signs of age and use are present – please refer to photos.

Ernest Hemmingway wrote his famous novels using a Corona Folding typewriter.

The Corona typewriter is an iconic design and would be of interest to connoisseurs of antique machinery. This typewriter would be ideal for a traveller and would be a great idea as a gift. Most definitely, it would be popular at any thematic event such as a wedding or film launch.

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