Working 1925-1927 Bing Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Stationary/Office Typing Machine – Made in Bavaria


A truly outstanding masterpiece of German engineering. This working typewriter was manufactured between 1925-1927, according to the limited information online, in Bavaria. It was designed for home use and small offices, for typing in English.

Throughout the years and decades of use, this beautiful and robust typewriter retains all its functions. In our opinion, this is the most comfortable typewriter we have ever typed on. The long lever keys allow the whole process of typing to flow naturally and effortlessly, inviting the typist to enjoy the typewriter again and again.

All the mechanisms work wonderfully well. And what a joy it is, at the end of every line, to hear the sweet β€˜ding’ sound of the bell.

The typewriter is equipped with a new black ribbon on two metal spools and it is is ready for action.

Compared to some old office machines, the Bing is fixed to the wooden platform and it has a metal case. So if necessary, it can be carried.

The machine can only use a ribbon of one colour as it does not have a ribbon colour switch. Also, it is supplied only with the left margin.

This unique Bing typewriter would be a rare acquisition for a connoisseur of mechanical design. It would also make an unusual gift or a centrepiece in an office or any event. Any person would enjoy typing on the Bing.

The Bing typewriter is located in London, UK.

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