Working 1935 Royal De Luxe Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – An Extra Symbol For Indian Currency, Rupees – Made In USA


The elegant Royal De Luxe portable typewriter was manufactured in 1935, in the USA. The beautiful nickel-chrome plating compliments very well with the stippled finish of the typewriter. The comfortable keys are protected with glass. The Royal is supplied with a touch regulator, enabling the typist to adjust the keys to suit their own touch sensation. Another feature which makes this particular typewriter more advanced, compared to other typewriters, is the tabulator option, for typing in tabular form. In addition, there is an automatic paper lock and a longer space bar. The middle part of the typewriter is dust protected.

The Royal De Luxe typewriter was most likely manufactured specifically for use by typists in India, as the typewriter contains a symbol ‘Rs’ which was a sign for the Indian currency rupees. Also, compared to other typewriters made in the 1930s, this model was supplied with the number ‘1’ key which was quiet rare.

The Royal De Luxe typewriter offered for sale, is in good working order. All the mechanisms work efficiently and the smooth and light keys are very comfortable. The black ink ribbon is installed and the machine is ready for action, straight out of the box. The case is provided, which has a comfortable handle for transporting the Royal.

The Royal De Luxe typewriter would suit typists of any generation and typing skills. It would also make an intriguing gift or a centrepiece for exhibition, weddings or would make a nice display feature at any office desk.

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