Working 1936 Remington Rand (Noiseless) Model 1 Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Extra Mathematical Symbols – Made in USA


London Typewriters offer for sale a rare find of the Remington Rand (Noiseless) Model 1 typewriter. It was manufactured in the 1936, in the USA.

In the 1920-1930s, the Remington brand amongst other typewriter manufacturers in the USA were interested to design a noiseless model of typewriters, consequently investing substantial sums into innovations. However, due to various reasons the production of noiseless typewriters was halted in the second half of the 1930s.

The Remington Rand Model 1 offered for sale is in good working order. All the mechanisms work efficiently and the keys type smoothly, allowing the typist to enjoy the Remington with the quietness of every moving component.

This noiseless model is equipped with a tabulator mechanism, for typing in tables and a margin release. What else makes this typewriter unique is that it has been modified for the original buyer’s professional requirements as the keyboard (top row and the right side) contains a few mathematical symbols – please refer to photos.

The black ink ribbon is installed and the typewriter is ready for immediate action. The original case comes with a comfortable handle comes with this portable typewriter.

In February 2020 this Remington Rand Model 1 was on loan, taking an essential centrepiece in a Nottingham Play House production – photo attached.

The Remington Rand Model 1 typewriter would suit typists of any profession. It would also be an eye-catching piece at any thematic event, office or home. This rare and desirable typewriter can be a valuable addition to anyone’s collection.


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