Working 1938 Imperial The Good Companion Typewriter – New Ribbon, New Platen, Dust Cover – Made in England


London Typewriters are delighted to present for sale a fully serviced 1938 Imperial The Good Companion typewriter.

This English made Imperial gained the second part of its title ‘The Good Companion’ with the permission of the famous English novelist J.B. Priestley who, by then had published his book ‘The Good Companions’ which became a best seller. Later, the Imperial typewriter, received the ‘By Royal Appointment’ insignia and was widely used in the royal household, consequently it became popular amongst the general public.

The Imperial Good Companion retains all its functions and works well! The comfortable keys are responsive and solid when typing and it provides a sense of confidence and firmness to the typist during the whole process. All of the mechanisms work as intended. The bell gives a pleasant soft ‘Ding’ sound.

This typewriter looks cosmetically neat with minimum signs of age and use. All the chroming is preserved in original condition. The keys are protected with glass and metal rims.

This nearly 85-year-old machine received a new platen (the rubber coating around the cylinder). The old rubber hardened and was professionally replaced with brand new rubber, so typing on this classic machine is now smoother and quieter, resulting in improved print quality on paper.

This typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon and it is ready for immediate action.

Unfortunately, there is no case for this machine, but the hand-made dust cover is provided. If you are not planning to travel and only use the typewriter on the desk, the dust cover is perfectly good to protect the Imperial Good Companion from dust and sunlight.

The overall condition is very good. All of the keys work as expected. Minor signs of age and use are present.

The Imperial Good Companion typewriter was an inseparable companion of the world famous children books author Enid Blyton.

This black glossy typewriter would be suitable for professionals of various writing genres and occupations. This could be a unique gift also. The typewriter would be a great feature for any event or film. The Imperial Good Companion typewriter would suit a typist with various typing experience.

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