Working 1950s Remington Rand Typewriter – New Ribbon, Dust Cover, No Case – Made in USA


The world of Remington typewriters still surprises us with the plethora and versatility of its models.

One of these is the Remington Rand portable typewriter, which is presented for sale. It was manufactured in the 1950s, in the USA.

What makes this model interesting is that it contains the hashtag and the email symbols, which is relevant for modern use writing. Unfortunately, there is no Sterling symbol, but the Dollar symbol is present.

Another unique feature compared to other typewriters is that the number keys are of distinguishable colour.

Furthermore, the shape of the keys are designed in a tilted manner to allow finger tips to be placed more comfortably. Probably both features are meant for a speedy and enhanced typing process.

The Remington Rand works well and retains all its functions. The black ink ribbon is installed and the typewriter is ready for action.

Unfortunately, there is no case for this typewriter. But a dust cover is provided, so it can safely rest on a desk and the cover prevents dust getting into the machine.

The Remington Rand Typewriter would suit typists of any typing ability, generation or profession. It would be a suitable addition to any thematic enterprise.

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