Working 1960 Royal Futura 800 Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Original Colours


Recently receiving a new model which we have never seen before, it always amazes us about the plethora of typewriters and their variations, still available worldwide.

This applies to the Royal Futura 800, which is presented for sale by London Typewriters.

This particular model was only manufactured between 1958 and 1962, in the USA and Canada.

The target buyers were students and undergraduates and their parents, in order to enhance studying performance.

The retail price for the model was just $125 and, according to statistical data in the USA, it would be equivalent to $1000 in 2015.

The Royal Futura 800 model underwent some improvements compared to previous versions – it was made lighter and made from rust resistant material. Also, it has a round-shouldered design, complimentary two colours and comes with an innovative advanced feature, the touch regulator, enabling the typist to adjust the keys to suit their own touch sensation.

Another feature which makes this particular typewriter more advanced, compared to other typewriters, is the tabulator option, for typing in tabular form. In addition, there is a longer space bar. The ribbon colour switch allows the typist a choice to type in two different colours, usually black and red. The line spacing has three positions: single, double and triple.

The ‘Magic’ margin allows setting the margins in the fastest manner compared to other typewriters. The middle part of the typewriter is dust protected.

The pound sterling, dollar and @ are present which is rather unusual in one typewriter.

The Royal Futura 800 offered for sale, is in good working order. All the mechanisms work efficiently and the smooth and light keys are very comfortable.

A new black ink ribbon is installed and the machine is ready for action, straight out of the box. The case is provided, which has a comfortable handle for transporting the Royal.

Overall condition is good. Minor signs of age and use are present as London Typewriters decided to preserve the originality of this machine.

The Royal Futura 800 typewriter would suit typists of any generation and typing skills. It would also make an intriguing gift or a centrepiece for exhibition, weddings or would make a nice display feature at any office desk.

One of the Royal Futiura 800 typewriters was used by the 34th president of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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