Working 1960s Royal Royalite Typewriter – New Ribbon, No Case, Online Manual – Made in Holland


Working Royal Royalite was manufactured in the 1960s, after Royal expanded their typewriter production from the USA into Europe.

The keys work smoothly requiring a light touch from the typist. At the end of each line there is a strong β€˜Ding’ sound from the bell.

The typewriter is designed to type only with a one colour ribbon at a time. We have installed a new black ribbon and the typewriter is ready for immediate action.

Unfortunately, it comes without a case. An online manual is available for this Royalite.

The Royal Royalite has been serviced and cleaned. However, please note there is some insignificant smudging on paper when using this machine – see photos. Also, some visible signs of wear and tear are present – please refer to photos. At London Typewriters we prefer to leave typewriters in an β€˜as original’ condition possible, without repainting, so the machine retains its character yet works as well as possible, mechanically.

The Royal Royalite typewriter could be a starting point for a young typists who would wish to develop their typing skills. It is very convenient to travel with the Royalite as it is small in size and very light in weight and would not take up much space in luggage. The typewriter would also be suitable for typists with hand problems as the keys are virtually effortless when typing.

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