Working 1963 Imperial Good Companion Model 7 Typewriter – New Ribbon, No Case, Dust Cover – Made in England


Working Imperial Good Companion Model 7 is offered for sale by London Typewriters.

This white and muted blue model was designed and made in 1963, in Leicester England, by the iconic English typewriter manufacturer, Imperial.

Regardless of such old age, this typewriter works well! The comfortable keys are crisp in action with a snappy response, making the typist feel confident whilst using the typewriter.

The backspace, carriage return lever, shift keys, carriage lock, margin setters, ribbon colour switch, carriage release lever, paper guide and the paper release all work as intended.

In addition, the Imperial Good Companion Model 7 is designed to type in columns, by setting and releasing the tabulator keys.

The typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon so you can type as soon as you unpack it.

Unfortunately, there is no case for this machine, but the hand-made dust cover is provided. If you are not planning to travel and only use the typewriter on the desk, the dust cover is perfectly good to protect the Imperial Good Companion Model 7 from dust and sunlight.

The overall mechanical condition is good and the original colours are well preserved. Minor signs of use and age are present – please refer to photos.

This Imperial Good Companion Model 7 typewriter would be ideal for writers, journalists and artists’ art projects. It would also make a unique gift.

An Imperial Good Companion typewriter was a trustworthy companion to John Lennon.

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