Working 1968 Remington Envoy Typewriter – New Ribbon, No Case – Made in Holland


London Typewriters are presenting for sale a working compact Remington Envoy portable typewriter.

Remington typewriter manufacturing originated at the end of the XIX century. Some modern models were manufactured in Holland and Great Britain in the 1950s – 1960s. Our typewriter was manufactured around 1968, in Holland.

This contemporary looking typewriter is in working order, and the keys require a light touch. All of the mechanisms, apart fron the carriage lock, work as intended. There is a strong β€˜Ding’ sound at the end of each line.

The Remington Envoy is designed to type with a ribbon of one colour at a time. There is a new black ribbon installed and the machine is ready for action. Please note that there is no case for this typewriter.

Please also note that the carriage lock is not essential if the typewriter remains on a desk. The carriage lock prevents the carriage from moving whilst travelling with the machine and is a safety device to avoid damage during transportation.

If you are looking for your first typewriter, the Remington Envoy would be ideal.

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