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Working 1970s Olympia SM9 Typewriter -Schreibmaschine – New Ribbon, Case – QWERTZ (German key layout) – Made in Western Germany


Working Olympia SM9 vintage, manual portable typewriter in London (U.K.). After some research on the serial code, I concluded that it was manufactured in the 1970s.

The comfortable keys are responsive and bouncy resulting in a very satisfying typing experience. All the mechanisms work as intended and the keys function without sticking. This sturdy typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon so you can type as soon as you get it, without any inconvenience. Also comes with the original case which has a comfortable handle.

The overall condition is superb. Minor signs of age and use are present.

The typewriter is equipped with a QWERTZ key layout for typing in the German language.

The retro Olympia would be a starting point for a typist with little or no experience of using typewriters. It would be a very robust machine for typing long projects. It appeals to all generations.

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