Working 1972 Remington Performer Sperry Rand Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made in Japan


London Typewriters offer for sale a working Remington Performer Sperry Rand typewriter, which was made in 1972, in Japan.

This particular model has design features from the famous Japanese typewriter called Brother. The typewriter was re-branded for the USA market under the name of Remington.

The Remington Performer Sperry Rand works well. All the mechanisms function and the keys type as expected.

This typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon so you can type as soon as you receive it, without any inconvenience.

The machine is equipped with the touch control lever, which allows the typist to adjust the firmness of the keys to suit your own touch preference. Also, this model is designed to type in columns quickly and easily as it has a tabulator key. ‘Press down and hold the Repeat Spacer to continue to a desired point’, according to the instruction manual.

The overall condition is good. Please note there are a few scratches on the typewriter, but all original features are preserved without any over-painting – please refer to photos. The case is provided which is in good order.

Enjoy the Remington Performer Sperry Rand!

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