Working 1975 Adler Gabriele 35 Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case- Navy Blue Colour – Made in Western Germany


Working and serviced Adler Gabriele 35 manual portable typewriter in London,UK. According to the serial number, the typewriter was manufactured in 1975, in Western Germany.

Despite its age, the machine retained all necessary functions and works well. Smooth and light keys provide an enjoyable experience when typing. All mechanisms work as expected. The typewriter comes with a hard case and a comfortable handle.

The overall condition of the typewriter is outstanding. Original chroming of levers is still present in excellent condition. The keys type without sticking. The new black ribbon is installed and the typewriter is ready for action.

Adler Gabrielle 35 typewriter is a practical typewriter for all generations and would be useful for various professionals. It could also be a sleek and eye- catching present due to its glossy navy blue colour. It could be used as home decoration or at weddings.


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