Working 1980s Welco S100 Portable – New Ribbon, Case – Made In Japan


This Welco SR100 portable typewriter was manufactured in the early 1980s, in Japan.

What makes this typewriter different from other typewriters made in Japan is that it has wide square key buttons with large engraved letters. This is very convenient for typists with visual impairment and for typists with a wide finger touch.

The Welco SR100 is in good working order. It types well, all the mechanisms work as expected.

A new black ribbon is installed and the machine is ready to go. The set includes a case with a convenient handle.

General condition is very good. Very minor signs of age and use are present (see photos).

The Welco SR100 is suitable for typists with varying typing experience. It will also be a good companion if you are planning a writing holiday as the machine is light in weight and small in size.

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