Working 1985 UNIS TBM De Luxe Typewriter – New ribbon, case – Original orange colour – For typing in several European languages – Made in Yugoslavia


London Typewriters is offering for sale an UNIS TBM de Luxe typewriter, which was manufactured in 1985 in Yugoslavia.

This UNIS TBM de Luxe model was originally manufactured up until the late 1970s in Western Germany under the name of Olympia Traveller typewriter. In the late 1970s, the main manufacturing of these models, which were released in various bright colours, was moved to Yugoslavia

The Unis TBM de Luxe displayed for sale is in perfect working order. The keys work solidly accompanied with the loud β€˜Ding’ sound of the bell at the end of each line.

There is a new black ribbon installed and the typewriter is ready for immediate action. It comes with the original case which has a comfortable handle.

The Unis TBM de Luxe is designed to type in Croatian and Slovenian languages. It can also be used for typing in English. However, the letters Z and Y are swapped as for typing in English the first six letters on the keyboard are QWERTY and here it is QWERTZ. It can be adapted for typing in German as there is an umlaut key.

The overall condition of this machine is very good. Minor signs of age and use are present.

The Unis TBM de Luxe typewriter is suitable for bilingual typists. It is portable so can also be taken to a writing retreat as it is relatively small in size. It would make an eye-catching centrepiece at any event.

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