Working And Serviced 1937 Underwood Champion Typewriter – New Ribbon, Free Standing Tripod Case – Made in Canada


London Typewriters offer for sale an Underwood Champion Typewriter (1937) with a rare and unique free standing tripod case. There was a limited number of such cases manufactured.

The case has two compartments: one for the typewriter and another for the folding legs. The case, when unfolded can be used as a table, balanced on three legs for the typewriter and a side table. The legs can be extended to three different heights, with the highest level of 67cm (approx 26 inches). The typewriter is an excellent space saver particularly in the modern limited space of apartments.

The Underwood Champion works very well. The backspace key, carriage return lever, bell, shift keys, carriage lock, margin setters, ribbon colour switch, carriage release lever, paper guide and the paper release lever, all work as intended. The keys are supported by metal rims and have a deep middle for a softer feel. The Underwood Champion is grey and textured with the overall condition being good; however, there are minor cosmetic signs of use and age present. All of the letter keys work without sticking, but please note that the typewriter does not have a Caps Lock Key.

This unique engineering invention of the human mind would be ideal to inspire writers, authors and journalists. Ernest Hemingway created his famous β€˜The Old Man and The Sea’ typing on an Underwood typewriter. This particular model would be a unique gift. Due to the style and aesthetics of the Underwood Champion it can be used for display purposes in home decor and events such as exhibitions. It appeals to all generations.

We have fitted a new black ribbon so you can start typing as soon as you receive it.

The Underwood Champion vintage typewriter is located in London (U.K.).

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