Working Challenger Typewriter – A Typewriter for Young Typists


Dear young typist,

If you are looking for a working modern typewriter, then this Challenger typewriter would be a suitable starting point to begin your writing career.

The typewriter is light in weight and each key is smooth in operation when typing. This is an important aspect when choosing your first typewriter. The key buttons are wide and allow for a comfortable touch. At the end of each line you are supported by the sweet sound of the bell.

The typewriter is equipped with a ribbon colour switch, so you will be able to use a two colour ribbon anytime you choose, usually black and red. If you wish to adjust the keys for a different depth of touch control, the typewriter has a touch regulator lever for adjusting to suit your touch.

The Challenger is in good working order. You can start typing straight out of the box as a new black ink ribbon is installed. You will be able to travel with this typewriter as it comes with the case.

London Typewriters wish you a happy typing experience!

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