Working Early 1930s Corona Standard Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Floating Shift – Made In USA


London Typewriters are delighted to present for sale a Corona Standard typewriter.

The typewriter was manufactured in the 1930s, in the USA.

This particular model was designed for typists in English speaking countries (QWERTY key layout) and specifically countries using dollars as currency (the dollar sign key is present). However, it was probably equally used for typing in other languages or in countries even if the typists did not require the dollar sign.

The Corona Standard is an uncommon typewriter for the British market.

The typewriter offered for sale is in very good working order. All of the keys and the mechanisms work efficiently.

When typing on the Corona Standard, there is a good connection between the typist and the machine. This is due to the soft and almost noiseless key action.

What makes this typewriter uniquely is the floating shift. When typing capital letters or symbols, on most typewriters either the carriage or the typebar basket raise up. It depends on the typewriter design. To raise the carriage to type upper case letters, requires more finger pressure compared to the typebar basket. It is easier and lighter to use the basket shift which is called the floating shift. This is a significant factor as it does not strain the typists hands especially when using for long periods at any one time.

The Corona Standard comes with a case which can be dismantled into the upper and lower part.

The typewriter is ready for immediate use and there is a new black ribbon installed.

Overall condition is very good. Minor signs of and use are present – please refer to photos.

The Corona Standard typewriter would inspire poets and writers; it was the machine used by the poet, T. S. Eliot who won the Nobel Prize in literature.

The typewriter would be suitable for typists of any age or typing experience.

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