Working Early 1940s Underwood Universal U.S. Navy Typewriter – Special Set of Extra Bespoke Removable Keys – New Ribbon, Case – Made in USA


London Typewriters are delighted to present a rare Underwood Universal portable typewriter with U.S. Navy decals. The typewriter was made in the early 1940s specifically for the U.S. Navy.

In addition, what makes this typewriter unique is that it has a special set of extra removable rubber green keys which fit on top of the original metal rim keys – photos attached. The typist will be able to enjoy two sets of keys: the original black keys with engraved letters and the green, concave in the middle, rubber keys. The green keys are brighter and it is well-known, the human eye processes the colour green better than any other colour. Also, the keys are slightly wider and have larger letters, with the intention of improving visibility. We have tested them and found they are very comfortable to use when typing. However, we have no information when these keys were made and installed.

The Underwood Universal works well. All the mechanisms work as intended. The impressive ‘Ding’ sound supports the end of each line. The typist will be able to adjust the keys to their own touch to make the typing process smooth and enjoyable. There is a new black ink ribbon installed and it can be reversed by engaging the ribbon reverse lever on the right side. The typewriter comes with the case which has a comfortable handle. The Underwood can be used positioned on the base or removed from it.

The overall condition is good. Minor signs of age and use are present. Please note that the front panel is slightly chipped at the back. Photos attached.

The Underwood Universal typewriter would suit typists of any profession, typing ability or skill and would suit a young person, a beginner or someone older. Also, it could be used as a unique addition to any thematic event.

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