Working Late 1930s Underwood Universal Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – For Multilingual Typing – Máquina de escribir – Machine à écrire – Made in USA


Working Underwood Universal typewriter in London (U.K.).

It was manufactured in the late 1930s, in USA.

The Underwood Universal works well! The bouncy keys with chrome rims are light and responsive when typing and it invites the typist to continue typing without fatigue. All the mechanisms function well. This comfortable portable typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon so you can type as soon as you get it, without any inconvenience.

The typewriter is equipped with the ribbon switch mechanism, so you will be able to change the ribbon colour, usually either black or red. Another feature of this Underwood Universal is that the typist will be able to adjust the touch, lighter or stronger, to meet your requirements for comfortable typing. There are three line spacing options: single, double and triple.

The overall condition is very good. The keys type without sticking and the Underwood operates as expected. Minor signs of use and age are present. Please note that the case has been reconditioned. Please notify us if you require a black/red ribbon.

So, what makes this Underwood Universal exceptional? It designed to type in various European languages: English, French, Spanish and others as the key board is equipped with almost all the necessary accents, including lesser known ones like the Amstrong – a small o which goes on top of a capital A or lower case a.

A plethora of famous writers, such Virginia Woolf and Stephan Zweig, enjoyed the Underwood to create their well-known novels.

The Underwood Universal would be ideal for the multilingual typist.

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