Working Remington Rand De Luxe Model 5 Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case – Made in USA


London Typewriters are presenting for sale another strong contender amongst a plethora of typewriters manufactured by the Remington brand.

The Remington De Luxe Model 5 was probably manufactured at the end of the 1940s, in the USA.

The mechanical condition of the Remington is good, excluding the Caps Lock. The long key levers type smoothly and comfortably adding a relaxed feel to the whole typing process. At the end of each line there is a soft ‘Ding’ sound of the bell.

A new black ink ribbon is installed and the Remington Rand is ready for action. It comes with the original case, as it is a portable typewriter.

The typist will be able to adjust the keys for personal preference as the machine has a touch regulating option.

The overall condition is good. Please note the Caps Lock does not stay on when pressed. But the Shift Lock works perfectly well and the typist will still be able to type in upper case, with the Shift key. Minor signs of age and use are present.

This stylish model has round shoulders at the front panel and the surface is grainy, with a grey colour, which was the design of many typewriters in the 1940s.

The Remington Rand De Luxe Model 5 would be suitable for art projects. It would also be a memorable gift and an attractive centrepiece for display at any celebratory event.

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