Working SHARP PA-3140 Electronic Typewriter – New Cassette, Manual – PAT Tested – Made in Great Britain


London Typewriters is offering for sale an electronic SHARP PA-3140 typewriter. This typewriter represents the transitional era from taking mechanical, manual typewriters one step further, towards our present-day computers.

This contemporary typewriter corrects the words automatically, moves the paper a 1/2 line up and down and scrolls certain text in the display from memory, prints a file from memory etc.

For better viewing, you will be able to follow the typing and adjust as necessary with the visual display on the screen.

The typewriter offers typing pitches for 10 (pica), 12 (elite), 15 (micro) and PS (Proportional Spacing).

Superscripts and Subscripts are used for mathematical notations, indicating footnotes, and other special footnotes.

Memory of the typewriter can contain 15,000 characters. The typist can revise the draft several times before it is finalised.

The typewriter is very quiet and the keys are crisp when typing. The width of the carriage allows you to type in Landscape format.

The SHARP PA-3140 is fully functional and PAT (electric appliance safety certificate) tested. It comes with a new black ribbon (cassette) and the instruction manual.

The electronic SHARP PA-3140 is located in London (U.K.).

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