Working Silver Reed AX133 MD Electronic Typewriter – New Cassette, Manual – PAT Tested – Made in Japan


London Typewriters is offering for sale an electronic Silver Reed AX133 MD typewriter. This typewriter represents the transitional era from taking mechanical, manual typewriters one step further, towards our present-day computers.

This contemporary typewriter requires some programming for Word correction, Correction on Display, Paragraph Indentation, Syllable Hyphen, Overlay, Superscript (Formulas) etc.

Another interesting feature is that the typewriter already has a memory which can be searched for a specific word in a text. Text files can be modified. It is really a mini-computer with the basic operations and, you will be able to explore its advanced operations with a user manual.

The typewriter is relatively quiet and the keys are crisp when typing. The width of the carriage allows you to type in Landscape format.

The Silver Reed AX133 MD is fully functional and PAT (electric appliance safety certificate) tested. It comes with a new black ribbon (cassette).

The electronic Silver Reed AX133 MD is located in London, UK.

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