Working Vintage 1920’s LC Smith Stationary/Office Typewriter – New Ribbon – Made in USA


Working Vintage 1920’s LC Smith Stationary/Office Typewriter in London, UK. After some research on the serial code, I concluded that it was manufactured in the 1920’s. Despite being almost a hundred years old, the typewriter works exquisitely well and retains all its functions! The comfortable keys are an absolute joy to type on, as they are very smooth and barely require a strong touch at the same time providing strong and clear impressions on the paper. All the mechanisms work as expected. The LC Smith uses its original metal spools and it is fitted with a new black ribbon. Therefore, the typewriter is ready for instant use.

One of the most fascinating features of this model is that the typist will be able to watch how the mechanisms engage with each other, in harmony, as the typewriter has open sides.

Please note that this is a stationary/office typewriter so it is heavier than the portable models – the weight is around 11 kg.

The overall condition is good. All letter keys work well without sticking. Minor signs of use and age are present.

This particular model was designed for the British market, specifically for office use in financial institutions. This is explained by the presence of £1/1d (pre-decimal penny), £10/10d, £100/- , £1000/ 1/- (one shilling=12 pennies until 1971) and £10,00/ 10/-. The specific purpose, to use the typewriter in financial institutions, is also supported by the location of the carriage (long) lever on the right side compared to the usual left side on most typewriters. The old forms of invoices contained several columns for items commonly on the left side of the form and pounds, shillings and pence, on the right side. Probably not to move the carriage all the way from left to the right, it was more practical and well-thought trough to use the carriage lever from the right side to fill in the columns.

The LC Smith models were favoured by Herman Hesse, the Nobel Prize winner in Literature who created the Glass Bead Game, and Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the USA.

The LC Smith typewriter offered for sale by London Typewriters would suit writers and journalists in various fields of writing. It also would be a fantastic feature on the office desk or a center piece of any thematic event.

The vintage LC Smith typewriter is located in London, UK.

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