Working Vintage 1938 Remington Rand Cadet Typewriter – New Ribbon, Briefcase


Working 1938 Remington Rand Cadet manual portable typewriter in London (U.K.).

Regardless of being more than eighty years old, the Remington Rand Cadet works well! The keys in chrome rims, strike very firmly and this robust action, encourages the typist to want to use the machine without stopping. The typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon, so it is ready for immediate use. It comes with its briefcase which has a comfortable handle.

The overall condition is good. All of the keys work fine and the Remington Rand Cadet types well. Minor signs of use and age are present.

This particular typewriter was manufactured at the end of the Great American Depression, when  industries suffered a major downturn. Therefore, this model has limited features and is lacking a bell, a caps lock, a backspace, a right margin, various symbols (compared to other typewriters), a carriage return lever and the ribbon colour switch – please refer to photos.

The black crinkle painted Remington Rand Cadet typewriter would be ideal for a young typist to practice their typing skills. It would also make a unique gift. Due to the style and aesthetics of the Remington Rand Cadet typewriter, it can be used for display purposes like home decor and events such as exhibitions and weddings.



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