Working Vintage 1950’s Optima Elite 3 Typewriter – Customised Keyboard With Special Mathematical Symbols – New Ribbon, Case – Made in Eastern Germany


Working rare Optima Elite 3 typewriter with English keyboard and a few Greek letters. According to the serial number, the typewriter was manufactured in 1950’s. Through out its life the typewriter has preserved all its vital functions in good working order. The carriage return lever, the bell, the shift keys, carriage lock, margin setters, the carriage release lever, the paper guide and the paper release lever carry their tasks as expected. A new black ribbon is installed and the machine is ready for action. The typewriter comes with the original case and has a comfortable handle. Made in Eastern Germany.

The unique aspect of the Optima Elite 3 is that machine can be used for mathematical, scientific and engineering purpose. The following symbols are engraved on the keys along with the English letters: δ (delta), ω (omega), ψ (psi), ρ (rho), π (pi), μ (mu), λ (lambda) and ν (nu).

The overall condition is good. All the letter keys work without sticking. Minor signs of age and use are present. Please refer to the photos. Please note there is no backspace key as the typewriter was probably remodeled for a specific purpose.

The Optima Elite 3 typewriter is an elegant looking streamline typewriter. This typewriter would suit writers, journalists and other professionals specially in the mathematical, scientific and engineering field. This black and glossy typewriter would look very inviting and attractive on a desk and could be a great idea as a gift. This typewriter would also suit typists of any generation due to its light and smooth typing.

The Optima Elite 3 typewriter is located in London, UK.


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