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Working Vintage 1950s Royal Royalite 100 Typewriter – New Ribbon, Case

Working Royal Royalite 100 vintage, manual portable typewriter available in London (U.K.). This model was manufactured in the 1950s, when Royal expanded their typewriter production from the USA into Europe.

Despite being of such old age, all mechanisms still work well! Its light responsive keys are designed for fast touch typing and produce a clear print impression. The backspace, carriage return lever, the bell, the shift keys, margins, ribbon colour switch,  the carriage release lever, the paper guide and the paper release have good action. This, most likely, Dutch made typewriter is fitted with a new black ribbon and the typewriter is ready for immediate use. It comes with the original case which has two comfortable handles.

The overall condition of  the typewriter is good. Minor signs of age and use are present – please refer to photos. Please note that the case has been repaired inside.

The Royal Royalite 100 typewriter could be a starting point for a young typists who would like to develop their typing skills. It is also very convenient to travel with as the Royalite is small in size and very light in weight and won’t take much space in the luggage. The typewriter would also be suitable for typists with hand problems as the keys are virtually effortless when typing.


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